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Easter Pancakes

16 Apr

On the list of food items that I admit I am no expert at are pancakes. I am a fan of the Shake and Pour variety that comes courtesy of chef Betty Crocker. However, Easter weekend I was without and attempted to make not just pancakes from scratch, but Easter-shaped pancakes from scratch. Who hasn’t seen the video of those crazy detailed pancakes that look like The Beatles?

I Googled and found this basic pancake recipe from AllRecipes.com. The only adjustment I made was that I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Now the fun part, making freehand animals and shapes! Easy? Not at all and my first attempt at an Easter bunny ended up looking like a pancake from the black lagoon. Plan B, cookie cutters! Lucky for me, my mother bought me springtime cookie cutters that I found while looking for anything that might resemble a bunny shape.

I made a pancake sheet using my griddle aka my new favorite kitchen tool, and cut them out! So simple and pancakes became pancake dippers, perfect for a breakfast finger food.

C’est si yum!

Pancake Sheet

Cookie Cutter Shapes

Easter Pancakes