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Bunny Memory Game

1 Apr

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I have a “Crafty” board with fun stuff that I like, love and do not have the time or patience for. One of the projects I re-pinned is a Popsicle Memory Game that inspired me to make a bunny memory game for Easter.

What you need:

At least eight scrapbook pages, printed

Two or three solid color scrapbook pages of your choice

Bunny stencil, I think you could do eggs too


Double-sided adhesive

Popsicle sticks, optional for this
I took scrapbook pages that I had leftover from past projects (no not scrapbooking, you can actually use scrapbook paper as a decorative background for picture frames. Maybe that’ll be my next post). The best place I’ve found for this paper is a craft store like Michaels.

I printed out this simple outline of a bunny. I traced it on the back side of the pages and cut them out as best I could. You also want to trace the bunny, on the back of the solid paper. Make sure you have the bunny facing the same direction because if not, unless your paper is the same on each side, they won’t line up…trust me, I did it…twice. Cardstock works too so you have a thicker side.

Put the adhesive on the blank sides of the bunnies and stick a popsicle stick in between the sides. If you need to trim down the sides you can. You could probably do this with kids, the tracing part, or you could have them as place cards for the Easter table, just have names written on the solid side. You could even stick the popsicle stick end into a small plant pot with styrofoam.

Mix them up and lay them out and enjoy a game of memory!

C’est si Fun!