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Where’s the Best Sushi in Boston??

15 Aug

And now, a Sangria Moment

6 Jul

Nothing says Summer to me like Sangria.  Red or white, it’s all delicious!

Best Sangria –
Legal Harborside – The white sangria is A-MA-ZING. Pair it with some crispy calamari or their hummus with flatbread, with a view of the water of course, and you have a great Happy Hour.

Port 305 – Red sangria. Delicious. Their hummus is also delicious and served with toasty bread.

Ashmont Grill Dorchester – The white pear sangria is so refreshing and pairs nicely with their cheese plate! Be careful though, it gets super hot in the bar/restaurant area!

The Fours Quincy – Ok I wouldn’t pair the red sangria with their buffalo chicken nachos, but I definitely don’t discourage them together!!

Cheesecake Factory Braintree– White sangria on the patio with some of their small plates. Makes you forget you’re at the mall!

The Banshee Pub – Pretty sure I’ve talked about their potato skins before but their red sangria is refreshing and perfect with anything on the menu.

The Ledge Dorchester – Red sangria! Their back patio is amazing too!


Not so great Sangria…

Siros – The fried clams are delicious here. There was a DJ named DJ Skip, who danced all over the restaurant to oldies and brought back up oxford shirts made for a great alternative to the fist bumping crowd on a Friday night. The sangria was not good. It tasted like red wine and cough syrup had a chilled non-fruitful baby.

Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro Foxboro – Not great at all.  It tasted like watered down fruit punch with a cough syrup after taste.  I do recommend the calamari and of course, the cheese plate!

Who has the best sangria in your area??

C’est si Yum!

Diner Review – The Early American

30 Jun

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but one of my favorite parts about being in New England is being near my Gramn. She’s going to be 88 this year and still works at the same place she’s worked for as long as I’ve been around. Saturday or Sunday mornings we got to brunch. It’s a great weekend ritual that I’ve come to love and look forward to. We tried The Early American at 1054 Hancock St.  It’s quaint and decorated with Patriotic pieces and quirky sayings, a common theme I see in diners. Ordered their homemade hash and while I am a fan canned hash, this was delicious! Their coffee is also great. They have a giant industrial brewer that I’ve never seen in a diner/restaurant before. My Gramn got scrambled eggs with crisp bacon (always sure to ask for it crisp) and toast.

The prices aren’t bad and include coffee with the meals.

I’ve never had to wait for a table but if you don’t time it just right, you’ll see morning after couples, hungover guests, old couples and more waiting in line for a table.

9 Stars (if I had a star scale) Go check it out!

C’est si Yum!

CBS Scene – Review II

30 Jun

In a previous blog posting, I raved about the buffalo chicken nachos at the CBS Scene in Foxboro.

I will now rave about their coconut shrimp that seems like it is not frozen before being battered and fried but who knows, some of the things that restaurants do with frozen to fried food is pretty impressive. I went into watch the Bruins play after sitting in no joke, an hour and a half of traffic to go three miles. The USA Soccer team played the Spain Soccer team. No, I didn’t go to the game, but I did go out to see the fella, who did go to the game.

Our seats at CBS Scene were right at the bar in front of a great projection screen. The Bruins since went on to win the Stanley Cup (woot woot) but CBS Scene was far from “winning.”

After the coconut shrimp wow’d us, I ordered a margarita pizza, spelled that way too on the menu. 20 minutes later, the pizza did not arrive and I asked if I could cancel it. The bartender said that it should be out soon. 15 minutes later I asked to speak with a Manager. The Manager came by and said that they kitchen “lost” the ticket but it would be out in five minutes and he would take it off the bill. Another 15 minutes later I asked the bartender where the pizza was and he said that he didn’t realize it was still coming out…Fail CBS Scene. The pizza was not great and I suspect it had been sitting for quite some time based on the texture of the crust.

Overall not a great experience and the Bruins lost that game.

Restaurant Review & Such – Tastings

2 Jun

Went to Tastings in Foxboro before, you guessed it a Revolution game. It was a pre-game visit so this review is only based on appetizers. We actually have gone twice and the first visit was much better than the second.

Visit One:

Service was great. We ordered the three cheese board, served on an AWESOME plate that we decided we will own one day. The cheeses were a bleu cheese, a sharp cheddar and White Buck goat cheese. Why did we only remember the White Buck? Because it was the favorite. I actually have looked in several stores here and have been unable to find it. The cheese plate came with a membrillo, also known as quince paste.

We also ordered calamari, which was awesome and had some sort of smeared sauce (not a fan of the smear presentation) but it was good.

Diner Review – Emma’s Breakfast

26 May

One of my favorite parts of being in New England, is being able to go to breakfast/brunch with my Gramn on the weekends. I think we’ve been to almost every diner in the Quincy area.

Recently, we visited Emma’s Breakfast on Willard St.  I love this place. It has fun sarcastic signs and homemade decorations on the walls and you never know who you’ll see! One time, we saw actress Parker Posey (Best in Show) eating brunch there. Too bad, my Gramn didn’t recognize her.

Warning, they are cash only! This trip, my Gramn ordered scrambled eggs with sausage patties (you have the option of links or patties) and a grilled English Muffin. I had Irish Eggs, aka, English Muffins with hash and cheese with two over easy eggs on top! My only complaint is that I wish the cheese hadn’t been mixed in with the hash. Also, if you are someone, I am not that someone, who likes hash that is homemade, this is not that hash. This has was definitely out of the can (YES!!) and cooked til crispy. It was awesome. You do have the options for hashbrowns but I opted not to order those.

I should figure out a formal scale for my reviews but for now I’d say Emma’s Breakfast gets an 8 out of 10. One other thing I am not a huge fan of is that the coffee only has sugar as an option, I’ve never seen Splenda at any table.

Go check it out! C’est si Yum!!

Restaurant Review – Banshee Pub Boston

18 Apr

In not so nice Dorchester, there is a pub called the Banshee. They are a soccer pub. Last night, they had the perfect set up for a Celtics-Revolution fan. Have you noticed a theme with some of these posts? Yes, my guy is a big Boston sports fan, especially the Celtics and Revolution.

We ordered the potato skins and chicken tenders. The chicken tenders were your regular chicken tenders, you only get three but they were still good to share. The potato skins are possibly the BEST I’ve ever had. They are not those potato cups with cheese and bacon in the middle. They are more of if potato skins and cheese fries had a baby, this is it and it is awesome. Covered in melted cheese and bacon and served with a side of sour cream, the Banshee potato skins are a must. The potato skins alone would get a 10 but the Banshee would be an overall 8.

Go check it out 934 Dorchester Ave.

C’est si Yum!