Cakeball Pop Experiment (and fail)

18 Sep

Cakeball pops are cute. They have frosting, cake on the inside and are covered in chocolate on the outside. What’s not to love, right?

My boyfriend’s family was throwing a party for his cousin going off to college and I thought, cakeball pops (not the simple cakeaballs shown here, thanks Betty Crocker) with sprinkles that match his school colors would be so great! I successfully made brownie balls pops (a recipe for another post) so I figured these would be just as easy. WRONG. 

I have rarely used this term but “epic fail” is the best way to describe it.

Take a box cake mix, bake the cake in sheet form and cool. Crumble the cake and mix with frosting of choice. Roll the cake/frosting into balls and freeze to firm up. Melt chocolate and dip your sticks into the chocolate and then into the balls. Again, cool. I read warnings about using too much and then too little frosting…I don’t know which is the right way but you want to make sure the cake does not crumble after frozen. Once the cakeball pops are cold and have the sticks in them, you roll them in melted chocolate. This is where the fail happened. The cakeballs were cool, had frosting in them and the sticks secured but I managed to get THREE cakeball pops out of about a dozen. You’ll notice in the final picture that the close of this experiment was the loss of a cakeball in the chocolate.


I did not send them to the party but will say that I’ll probably stick to brownie pops. Stay tuned for that recipe and best of luck to you cakeballers!

C’est si yum (most of the time).

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