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Souffle Potatoes

10 Dec

I can remember going to a celebratory luncheon at Galatoires Restaurant in New Orleans with my college PR Competition team. Here’s a picture of two of my super-fun friends, Christina and Alexis there!


At Galatoires, they have this delicious thing called a souffle potato. It’s a perfectly crispy and puffy potato that is definitely NOT on any calorie counting diet, so if you are on one of those, you might not want to read how to make them! Flash forward six years and a potato calendar comes into my office. The month of April has souffle potatoes by celebrity Top Chef Master, Thierry Rautureau. I found the article by googling it. I decided to try to make them at home and the only thing I’ll say is that you NEED to have two oil thermometers. I don’t have them so the oil temperature didn’t stay where it needed to be.

IMG_2639Cut a potato to 1/8 ” thick. According to the recipe form Chef Thierry, you need to heat the oil to about 280 – 290 degrees. You need to “poach” the potatoes in the oil and keep them moving. Be careful not to slosh up so you get burned.

They SHOULD puff up like this:

IMG_2641 <- Please note, I did not have the “correct” size potato.

If the oil gets too hot, you’ll get this:

Flat Potato

Drain on paper towels and season with salt or seasoning salt. C’est si yum!


Easy Ornament Storage

10 Dec

I remember seeing a pin but now I can’t find it that inspired me to try this easy ornament storage project at home. All you need is a box, plastic wide-rimmed wine cups and glue. You need a container with a lid and if you use one of those plastic storage tubs, I don’t have enough ornaments to fill one yet, then you’ll need cardboard cut to fit inside.

IMG_2683Chinet Cups

Glue the cups inside the box, or to the cardboard you have lined to stack on top of one another.

Fill with ornaments and you’re done!

Cups in BoxOrnaments Stored

So easy!

Easy Christms Wreath

1 Dec

Michael’s Craft Store is a dangerous place during the holiday season. A) There are TONS of penguins in the store and B) there is a huge sale right now. Today, I purchased a plain green wreath for $3.

I really wanted an ornament wreath like this one from Pier One but Pier One is also a danger zone for me during the holiday season. Instead, I decided to make one at home.

I took ornaments I got from Target after Christmas last year and hot glued them to the wreath. It’s super easy to do. Just make sure that when hot gluing the ornaments that you spread the branches so that the base of the wreath is adhered to the ornament and not a loose branch.

It really is the holiday season! Ornament Wreath