Easy Dessert – Chocolate Trifle

25 Jun

I am not a baker. I’ve said this before. My dessert skills primarily involve the semi-homemade approach. I’ve never baked a cake that didn’t come out of a box. I have spring pans but have never made a cheesecake. Stay tuned for a future post though because I am going to attempt a key lime pie soon!

While I’m not the biggest sweet eater, I do love making this super easy trifle dish. I remember when I was younger, my mom would make this for gatherings and something about layers looks impressive and it tastes super yum. All you need..

1 box cake mix, I used Devil’s Food

1 box instant pudding, I used chocolate

1 container whipped topping, I used the low fat kind

Optional items, small chocolate chips, Heath bar candy, M&Ms, nuts

You will need a clear trifle dish.

Bake the cake according to directions in a sheet pan. Let cool and cut into squares. Make the pudding, and set aside. Open the whipped topping and let soften a little bit but not melt. It’s so easy, start with the cake on the bottom, just one row. I did the pudding next in this recipe but I think if you do the whip topping next it’ll spread easily over the cake. Smooth some of the pudding on top, sprinkle with chosen item, if you want, and then add more cake. Repeat until you get to the top and you want to have the whip topping as the top layer.

Mine turned out like thisImage

I recommend tenting whatever covers the top so it doesn’t mess up the top but don’t use toothpicks because they will sink into your cake!

C’est si yum!


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