Review – McGreevy’s

22 Jul

Took the fella out for his birthday this weekend. Decided to keep it casual, so we checked out McGreevy’s on Boylston St. in Boston. We’d ventured over once before but it was before a concert and dinner was not the focus.

Going to go ahead and say it gets an A – . It was a hot Saturday afternoon (not nearly as hot as it is today…predicted 108 heat index. Is this Boston or the Sahara?) and we grabbed a seat in the window.

Appetizers –

We had the pretzels…mustard, cheese and a third dip we couldn’t identify but it was good! The only wish was that we had more than three pretzels to dip in!

I ordered the poutine fries. I am a fan of fries and gravy with cheese on them. SO good. They also paired well with the dips from the pretzels.

Service was great. We had a nice server, who was attentive enough when the drinks were low but not one of those obnoxious servers who bother you every five minutes.

Dinner –

We opted to try entrees.

Birthday boy got Bangers and Mash, which were delicious (yes I got to try some)

I got the mac n’ cheese. This is the only minus. It does tell you that there is cauliflower in the dish BUT it’s not really cooked cauliflower. It didn’t seem to fit textually with the orecchiette.

There are a number of other items on the menu that we will definitely be back to try. It was the perfect place for a nice birthday dinner and drinks outing!

C’est si Yum!

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