And now, a Sangria Moment

6 Jul

Nothing says Summer to me like Sangria.  Red or white, it’s all delicious!

Best Sangria –
Legal Harborside – The white sangria is A-MA-ZING. Pair it with some crispy calamari or their hummus with flatbread, with a view of the water of course, and you have a great Happy Hour.

Port 305 – Red sangria. Delicious. Their hummus is also delicious and served with toasty bread.

Ashmont Grill Dorchester – The white pear sangria is so refreshing and pairs nicely with their cheese plate! Be careful though, it gets super hot in the bar/restaurant area!

The Fours Quincy – Ok I wouldn’t pair the red sangria with their buffalo chicken nachos, but I definitely don’t discourage them together!!

Cheesecake Factory Braintree– White sangria on the patio with some of their small plates. Makes you forget you’re at the mall!

The Banshee Pub – Pretty sure I’ve talked about their potato skins before but their red sangria is refreshing and perfect with anything on the menu.

The Ledge Dorchester – Red sangria! Their back patio is amazing too!


Not so great Sangria…

Siros – The fried clams are delicious here. There was a DJ named DJ Skip, who danced all over the restaurant to oldies and brought back up oxford shirts made for a great alternative to the fist bumping crowd on a Friday night. The sangria was not good. It tasted like red wine and cough syrup had a chilled non-fruitful baby.

Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro Foxboro – Not great at all.  It tasted like watered down fruit punch with a cough syrup after taste.  I do recommend the calamari and of course, the cheese plate!

Who has the best sangria in your area??

C’est si Yum!

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