Diner Review – The Early American

30 Jun

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but one of my favorite parts about being in New England is being near my Gramn. She’s going to be 88 this year and still works at the same place she’s worked for as long as I’ve been around. Saturday or Sunday mornings we got to brunch. It’s a great weekend ritual that I’ve come to love and look forward to. We tried The Early American at 1054 Hancock St.  It’s quaint and decorated with Patriotic pieces and quirky sayings, a common theme I see in diners. Ordered their homemade hash and while I am a fan canned hash, this was delicious! Their coffee is also great. They have a giant industrial brewer that I’ve never seen in a diner/restaurant before. My Gramn got scrambled eggs with crisp bacon (always sure to ask for it crisp) and toast.

The prices aren’t bad and include coffee with the meals.

I’ve never had to wait for a table but if you don’t time it just right, you’ll see morning after couples, hungover guests, old couples and more waiting in line for a table.

9 Stars (if I had a star scale) Go check it out!

C’est si Yum!


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