CBS Scene – Review II

30 Jun

In a previous blog posting, I raved about the buffalo chicken nachos at the CBS Scene in Foxboro.

I will now rave about their coconut shrimp that seems like it is not frozen before being battered and fried but who knows, some of the things that restaurants do with frozen to fried food is pretty impressive. I went into watch the Bruins play after sitting in no joke, an hour and a half of traffic to go three miles. The USA Soccer team played the Spain Soccer team. No, I didn’t go to the game, but I did go out to see the fella, who did go to the game.

Our seats at CBS Scene were right at the bar in front of a great projection screen. The Bruins since went on to win the Stanley Cup (woot woot) but CBS Scene was far from “winning.”

After the coconut shrimp wow’d us, I ordered a margarita pizza, spelled that way too on the menu. 20 minutes later, the pizza did not arrive and I asked if I could cancel it. The bartender said that it should be out soon. 15 minutes later I asked to speak with a Manager. The Manager came by and said that they kitchen “lost” the ticket but it would be out in five minutes and he would take it off the bill. Another 15 minutes later I asked the bartender where the pizza was and he said that he didn’t realize it was still coming out…Fail CBS Scene. The pizza was not great and I suspect it had been sitting for quite some time based on the texture of the crust.

Overall not a great experience and the Bruins lost that game.


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