Diner Review – Emma’s Breakfast

26 May

One of my favorite parts of being in New England, is being able to go to breakfast/brunch with my Gramn on the weekends. I think we’ve been to almost every diner in the Quincy area.

Recently, we visited Emma’s Breakfast on Willard St.  I love this place. It has fun sarcastic signs and homemade decorations on the walls and you never know who you’ll see! One time, we saw actress Parker Posey (Best in Show) eating brunch there. Too bad, my Gramn didn’t recognize her.

Warning, they are cash only! This trip, my Gramn ordered scrambled eggs with sausage patties (you have the option of links or patties) and a grilled English Muffin. I had Irish Eggs, aka, English Muffins with hash and cheese with two over easy eggs on top! My only complaint is that I wish the cheese hadn’t been mixed in with the hash. Also, if you are someone, I am not that someone, who likes hash that is homemade, this is not that hash. This has was definitely out of the can (YES!!) and cooked til crispy. It was awesome. You do have the options for hashbrowns but I opted not to order those.

I should figure out a formal scale for my reviews but for now I’d say Emma’s Breakfast gets an 8 out of 10. One other thing I am not a huge fan of is that the coffee only has sugar as an option, I’ve never seen Splenda at any table.

Go check it out! C’est si Yum!!

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