Restaurant Review – Banshee Pub Boston

18 Apr

In not so nice Dorchester, there is a pub called the Banshee. They are a soccer pub. Last night, they had the perfect set up for a Celtics-Revolution fan. Have you noticed a theme with some of these posts? Yes, my guy is a big Boston sports fan, especially the Celtics and Revolution.

We ordered the potato skins and chicken tenders. The chicken tenders were your regular chicken tenders, you only get three but they were still good to share. The potato skins are possibly the BEST I’ve ever had. They are not those potato cups with cheese and bacon in the middle. They are more of if potato skins and cheese fries had a baby, this is it and it is awesome. Covered in melted cheese and bacon and served with a side of sour cream, the Banshee potato skins are a must. The potato skins alone would get a 10 but the Banshee would be an overall 8.

Go check it out 934 Dorchester Ave.

C’est si Yum!

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