Out of Town Review: The Cajun Experience

21 Mar

I love New Orleans. I love the culture, the music and of course, the FOOD. I visited one of my best friends from college this weekend and we ate at the relatively new restaurant in Dupont Circle, The Cajun Experience. The atmosphere is great. There’s a stage in the front where there was a band playing. They were also very flexible with us when it came to pushing our reservation back a bit because we took the Metro into the city. We had 9:45 p.m. reservations for after dinner drinks.

The drink list includes Abita beer in the bottle and on draft and Hurricanes! Let’s start with the first issue, our server did not want us to order our food with our drinks. We ordered a pitcher of hurricanes and I ordered an Abita Amber. 20 minutes later, our drinks came with no glasses. I jokingly said, “You could just bring four straws.” No joke, the guy brought four straws. A few minutes later four glasses were brought out by a different server. We ordered our appetizers and our server reluctantly took our entrée order with our appetizers. Hushpuppies, fried crawfish, po’ boys, crawfish mac n’ cheese and shrimp and grits were ordered. An hour later, we were still waiting for our appetizers and second round of drinks. We asked our waiter what the story was and he blamed the kitchen. Our food finally came out 10 minutes later. It is good, the fried crawfish are not hot but the shrimp and grits are quite amazing. One hour, 10 minutes.

My friends have coined the term “Turn the Bitch on” when we dine, because whenever there is bad service, they don’t like to say anything and I tend to not be shy. Thankfully, my friend got to take over because her entrée was messed up. Our server apologizes and offers to buy us a pitcher of hurricanes, easy way out, which we decline.

We say we understand as most of us in the party have restaurant experience but want to see a manager, who is apparently bartending.  Another 15 minutes go by and the manager comes out half informed of what’s going on. She apologizes and gives some kitchen excuses and takes a measly 25% off of our bill.

All and all, the food and drinks are worth going back ONCE the staff gets back on track.

C’est si Yum!!

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