Everyone has “That Place”

17 Mar

Ever been in a couple where you have a place that’s “yours?” Ever had a food that you both love and even crave during weird hours of the day? Sushi, is one of those foods and Seiyo is that place. This place has a really nice atmosphere and they have a wine shop attached to it. The tables along the window are wood and have knife-block looking holders for your silver chopsticks!

Favorite roll? The New York and the Spicy Tuna. The New York has apple and jalapeno in it, can’t go wrong there! Price range is pretty good. They have of course the “designer” rolls that are almost $20 but overall it’s decently priced.  I’ve seen that Spicy Tuna can be anywhere from $5 to $9. Seiyo also has an awesome Asian beer and Sake selection.

I’ve been here a few times with a special someone and we love it.

One thing I would not recommend is the edamame hummus. It needed spicy or salt…it was pretty much blah.

It’s reasonably priced and totally c’est si yum! They deliver too so check it out in the South End!

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