Eat Your Heart Out

24 May

Growing up no one tells you that sometimes love might be hard…all the “once upon a times” and stories of love at first sight don’t tell you that while might be up and drinking champagne one day you could be binging on bon bons (let’s channel our inner Peggy Bundy) the next.  In honor of the ups and down of the reality of love the next few posts will be sandwiches and/or dishes inspired by some of the prince charmings I’ve encountered in my life so far…

First up, The Kicker…Yes, one of my high school sweethearts (yes one of them) was in fact the kicker and quarterback of the football team.  This guy was also a very plain eater.  Here is a sandwich he ate probably every day only with jelly.  I do not like jelly so I am not including it.  I am also adding a little something to the traditional peanut butter sandwich that I had with a guy who might also appear in this series of food.

Please note that some of these sandwiches I might not eat…but that doesn’t make them any less interesting.

The Kicker

2 – pieces of multigrain wheat bread, I like the Arnold kind, it’s sweet but good for you
Simply Jif – Who says all peanut butters are the same?
Cheese Doritos
Your favorite Honey

Pretty simple, spread Simply Jif on each piece of bread.  If your peanut butter tends to stick to the knife, start off by running it under some hot water.  Drizzle honey on one piece of the peanut buttered bread.  Place three to four Doritos on the other piece of bread.

Bring em together and enjoy!  An interesting texture and combination of sweet and salty.

Try it out!  C’est si Yum!

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