Brown Tomatoes? That’s a tomato of a different color!

18 Apr

You know I am not a big tomato person.  I don’t like the seeds.  I like Roma tomatoes because they don’t have a lot of seeds.  I like grape tomatoes because they are sweet.  Still, I don’t like seeds.  So I was in the grocery yesterday and there was a tomato of a different color, brown.  I looked it up online and apparently they are actually “black” tomatoes.  So on the one hand, there are seeds, but I picked them out.  On the other, the flavor profile is so good!

I made a caprese salad with them.  I live alone so I used one brown or black tomato and some mozzarella cheese.  Drizzle with balsamic vinegar.  Feel free to add salt and pepper but I didn’t think they needed it.

If you find them try them!  C’est si yum!

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