Don’t Bake? Me Neither…

2 Apr

I am not a baker.  One of the things I love about cooking is that I can add a dash of something here or a couple of heavy pours of Sherry there…If you add a dash of something to a baking recipe, you might end up with a fresh-baked brick or a deflated souffle.  Simple, elegant and delicious and if it happens to partially come out of a box that is NOT a bad thing.

So here is one of my Mama’s recipes that I’m adjusting just a bit.

What you need…

2 Packs of Dark Chocolate instant pudding (I do not recommend the cooking kind because I have never liked the idea of cooking pudding)
1 Chocolate Cake from a Box (Any brand will do), use less fat milk if you want well less fat
1 Container of Non-Fat Whipped Topping
1/2 Cup of Toasted Hazelnuts (optional)
Sliced Strawberries for garnish or Raspberries OR  3 Ferraro Rocher
1 Trifle Dish

Cook chocolate cake according to the directions.  I cannot help if you cannot cook a cake out of a box.  Let cool and slice into bite-size pieces.  Make pudding also according to directions.  If you use hazelnuts, lay on a sheet pan and bake at 350 degrees for 10 – 15 until they are just brown.  Do not burn.  Nuts are expensive.  It is worth it to watch them so they do not burn.  It is like burning money.

Start with the cake.  Put a layer of cake on the bottom of the trifle dish.  Then pudding, just enough to cover the cake.  Then the whipped topping.  Sprinkle some hazelnuts on top of the whipped topping.  This is an optional step.  You can also use chocolate chips or broken up pieces of heath bar candy or you can do nothing.  Put more cake on top of the whipped topping and continue to layer.  It is important to end with whipped topping.  For decorating, put three Ferraro Rocher in the middle of the whipped topping or sliced strawberries around the top.

You can also do this with different cake and pudding.

Easy and impressive!  C’est si YUM.

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