Bread Crumb Alternatives…

2 Apr
I went through the store the other day and 1) bread crumbs are always on the top shelf it seems.  Why is that?  Not only am I short but I also do not like asking for help from the store clerks.  2) Did they decide to stop making plain bread crumbs?
My preference is plain bread crumbs because you can add your own herbs and keep a better track of the sodium.

Recently, I made chicken parm for my friend and her family and we ran out of breadcrumbs.  They did however have Club Crackers.  She also did not have a food processor so we used a spoon and made them nice and well crumby.  Combining the two was a great twist on breading chicken.

In honor of that below are a few ideas for breadcrumb alternatives –

Pretzels – The great thing about pretzels is they come in salted, unsalted and flavored i.e. honey mustard.  Use honey mustard instead of flour and egg for added flavor when you coat your protein.

Corn Flakes (or corn cereal) – Have some stale cereal?  Don’t throw it out!  I like adding paprika to corn flakes and keeping it in bigger pieces for extra crunch.
Crackers – Same goes for the cereal, crackers have a different texture than bread crumbs and cereal.
Nuts – Walnuts, pecans, almonds chop them in to small pieces and season with your favorite spices and herbs.
This is a good way to get rid of things in your pantry!

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