Easter Fun

26 Mar

One time I was at lunch in a restaurant and parents actually brought in Happy Meals for their kids.  I also don’t understand the concept of an “Uncrustable.”  Are we really too lazy to make a grilled cheese or PB&J?

As a member of a family that has picky eater children in it, and a host that does not want to come out and say DO NOT BRING THAT INTO MY HOUSE, I came up with a fun alternative.

Easter Shaped Grilled Cheese

You need Easter Shaped Cookie Cutters

White or Multi-grain Bread

Butter and Olive Oil

American, Swiss and Provolone

So incredibly easy.  Cook your grilled cheese (olive oil in the pan and butter the bread on both sides, be sure not to heat the oil so much that it burns) and press out with the cookie cutter.  Best part, if your kids don’t eat the crust, you can!


One Response to “Easter Fun”

  1. Mama March 30, 2010 at 2:39 am #

    No need for any other cheese than American – and I think it needs to be white!!

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